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Rambha-Apsara Sadhana for For blissful life 4.00 1

Among all of the celestial nymphs, Rambha (रंभा) is on the first position. Apsara Rambha (अप्सरा रंभा) is regarded as effectively mannered and etiquette...

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Rambha-Apsara Sadhana for For blissful life

आनंदित जीवन के लिये रंभा-अप्सरा साधना

Among all of the celestial nymphs, Rambha (रंभा) is on the first position. Apsara Rambha (अप्सरा रंभा) is regarded as effectively mannered and etiquette. Rambha is the synonym of happiness, enthusiasm, beauty, pleasure, music and politeness. Only the Rambha Apsara Sadhana is a divine key to magnificence, happiness, and youthful life and to attain the magnetic personality. The old man may also be rejuvenated and revitalized to youthfulness by means of the divine Rambha Apsara Sadhana (रंभा-अप्सरा साधना).

Even Gods and Goddesses performed this divine Rambha Apsara Sadhana and Many Yogis and Rishis even have executed this divine Sadhana, by way of which they attained completeness and excessive pleasure in their life. One must carry out this ritual to realize desired magnificence and happiness in his/her life. Rambha is actually a collective type of whole nature and wonder within the universe. Apsara Rambha (अप्सरा रंभा) is successful to captivate the highest proficient Yogi and Rishi resulting from her magnificence, mesmerizing eyes, thick black hair, soothing and polite voice.

Following are the benefits of Rambha Apsara Sadhana (रंभा-अप्सरा साधना):

Sadhak attains highest pleasure, happiness and joy in his life. He achieves full success in different Sadhanas, and in materialistic world. He/she turns into mentally and bodily strong.

On reaching Siddhi on Rambha Apsara Sadhana, Rambha be seated in the entire lifetime of Sadhak as a shadow in every step in his/her life. She helps to fulfil every want in his/her life.

Sadhak will get the magnetic personality. Anybody get hypnotized and attracted towards him/her.

There will be the end of ageing, diseases and illnesses from the life of Sadhak.

The whole life of Sadhak turns into full of affection, happiness. There could not be love, enthusiasms and happiness in one's life if he has not performed Rambha Apsara Sadhana.

Sadhana Procedure:
Articles needed for Rambha Apsara Sadhana:
Siddha Rambha Utkilan Yantra (रंभा उत्कीलन यंत्र)
Siddha Apsara Mala
Soundarya Gutika
/ ilaichi/ or keep in 1 table spoon sindur.

This is 27 days Sadhana and should be carried out at night. This Sadhana could be started on any Full Moon night time or any Friday.

Earlier than performing Sadhana, take a shower and put on engaging cloths and sit on yellow mat facing east. Light a ghee lamp and place a steel plate in front. Then take rose petals on each arms and provide prayers to Rambha chanting thus.

|O Rambhe Aagachchh Purnna Youvan Samstute|

Chant this Mantra minimum one zero one instances and put each petal of Rose on the plate on each chanting. On this way cowl the whole plate with the petals of rose and flowers.

Then place the Apsara Rosary on the mound of rose petals on the plate. And spray the pure perfume on your seat. Then place the Siddha Rambha Utkilan on pink cloth and likewise place Saundarya Gutika right and left of the Yantra respectively.

Then worship Sadgurudev and chant one round of Guru Mantra. Then worship the Yantra with rice grains coloured with pink colour chanting following Mantra.

Om Divyaayei Namah, Om Vaagishwaryei Namah, Om Saundarya Priyaayei Namah, Om Youvan Priyaayei Namah, Om Saubhagyadaayei Namah, Om Aarogya Pradaayei Namah, Om Praanpriyaayei Namah, Om Urjaswalaayei Namah, Om Devpriyaayei Namah, Om Aishwaryapradaayei Namah, Om Dhandaayei Rambhaayei Namah.

Then chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra with Apsara Rosary,
Mantra: Om Hreem Ram Rambhe! Aagachchha Aagyaam Paalaya Manovaanchhitam Dehi Ayeim Om Swahaa
ॐ ह्रीं रं रम्भे! आगच्छ आज्ञां पालय मनोवांछितं देहि ऐं ॐ स्वाहा

Every single day, perform this Sadhana praying Rambha Apsara and every day take two garland of rose. Wear one garland self and another on the Yantra.

Throughout 27 days of this Sadhana, new and divine experiences will felt by the Sadhak. Most of the Sadhak has seen and experienced the divine kind and appearance of Rambha.

After the accomplishment of this Sadhana, Sadhak articles ought to be dropped within the river or pond. This Sadhana is admittedly efficient and if executed with full faith and devotion, entire desires will likely be fulfilled in no time.

Rambha sadhana samagri

Rambha siddha mala

Siddha Rambha yantra

Siddha asan

Siddha Raksha sutra

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