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Learn practical kundalini Dhyan by "Acharya Shivanand Das ji"

जीवन मे जिसने भी अपने चक्रो को समझ लिया तो समझो सफलता की कुंजी उसके हाथ मे आ गई. इस शिविर मे इन चक्रो कोे चैतन्य करने की विधि पैक्टिकल रूप मे दीक्षा के साथ सिखाई जाती है. इस शिविर के द्वारा जहा आप अपनी आर्थिक समस्या तथा मानसिक समस्या मे लाभ प्राप्त कर सकते है, वही अध्यात्मिक क्षेत्र मे भी सफलता प्राप्त कर सकते है.

आचार्य श्री शिवानंद दास जी , जो कि पिछले ४० वर्षो से पूरे भारत मे अध्यात्मिक विषय पर यानी ध्यान- प्राणायाम-्कूंडलिनी- अस्ट्रोलोजी- पामेस्ट्री- न्युम्रोलोजी- प्राण विज्ञान- औरा रीडिंग- एस्ट्रल ट्रेवल्स- पैरा नोर्मल- हिप्नोटिझम तथा मंत्र साधना पर शिक्षा प्रदान कर रहे है.
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Navnath sadhana for removing haunted place

Buy Navnath sadhana for removing haunted place

Jadoo-tona or Bhanamati is a term, which is used regularly in most Indian native to describe believed mystical phenomena, Voodoo and magical activity..
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Navnath sadhana for removing jadu-tona

Jadoo-tona or Bhanamati is a term, which is used regularly in most Indian native to describe believed mystical phenomena, Voodoo and magical activity. Some of the most common cases of believed Jadoo-tona involve thing looking and disappearing magically, stones, bones, dirt as well as other stuff dropping down from the skies upon a house or a person appearing in a entirely irrational and illogical manner, that leads other people to consider that he has been possessed by anonymous mystical entities.

Therefore, Jadoo-tona is broad term, which has everything, which is often referred to as a paranormal phenomena. This comes with what is called the Mischievous spirit, a mystical supernatural body, that is believed to make lots of turbulence and noises, that appear out of nowhere as a result cause panic and fearfulness.

Generally there are many of Mantra, Yantra remedies and Totke practiced to have getting rid of the alleged paranormal phenomena. Among the most amazing techniques to deal with any type of Jadoo-tona, even that of the best manner is to chant the Navnath Mantra.

Apart, from the chanting of the Navnath Mantra mentioned above, sprinkling of Vibhuti everywhere in the house said to be more effective based on the disciples of the Nath Sampradaya.

This is very powerful sadhana that are considered as best in getting rid of Jadoo-tona.

Navnath sadhana benefits

  • Clean negative energy from haunted place
  • Remove negative energy from house
  • Remove negative energy from office
  • Remove black-magic, voodoo

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Navnath sadhana muhurth

  • Day: Monday, Saturday, Amavasya, Ravi pushya yog
  • Time: After 9pm
  • Direction: South
  • Navnath Sadhana Duration: 11 days/21 days
  • Chanting mala: 11 rosary/21 rosary daily
  • Navnath Sadhana place: Worship place or any peaceful rom

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