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Mangla Sadhana for Boon for the childless

The husband and wife shall have one yellow Hakeek rosary each. The wife shall chant the Mantra with the husband and thus complete six rounds shall be chanted. After Sadhana chant one round of Guru Mantra...

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Mangla Sadhana for Boon for the childless

A tremendous and unfailing Sadhana that absolutely blesses one with a child.

Married life without children is like life in a desert. Without the pleasant cries of youngsters, their pranks, their jingling laughter all the pieces seems so boring and purposeless. Ask a couple who've been married for the previous a number of years and have not but been visited by the stork and so they shall let you know how colourless life could be with out children.

One reason for the absence of youngsters could possibly be the affliction of planet Mars within the horoscope of the husband or the wife or both. A malefic Yoga arising as a result of affliction of Mars could not only make married life sad resulting from frequent quarrels between the couple, but may additionally deny one children.

The Indian world of Sadhanas is full of rituals that could help one overcome various problems of life. one such Sadhana is the Santaan Prapti Mangala Sadhana that if tried with full faith and devotion could produce the specified result.

Many childless couples had been gifted this Sadhana by revered Sadgurudev and in not one case did it fail to bless the couple with a child. In many of the instances even the most effective of medical doctors had declared that the married couples would by no means be capable to have children. But because of the Sadhana even the unattainable got here out to be.

Married couples who want to have kids could do that great Sadhana.

This Mangala Sadhana ought to be tried on a Wednesday or Purnima (full moon day). Early morning do this Sadhana between 4 am and 6 am. Have a bath. Wear yellow clothes. Sit on a yellow mat facing North. The spouse should sit on the precise aspect of the husband. She mustn't tie her hair and may let it stay loose. Cowl a picket seat with yellow fabric and on it place a metal plate. In the plate place a Mangal Yantra. On the Yantra put a betel nut.

Then chant one round of Guru mantra and ask the Guru to bless you with success in the Sadhana.

Make a mixture of milk, water, curd, ghee and sugar. The husband should then chant one spherical of the following Mantra with Rock Crystal Rosary whereas the wife should pour the combination on the Yantra and betel nut in a steady stream. By the time the one spherical is complete the betel nut should get fully immersed in the mixture.

| Om Bhoumeshwaraay Vam Purneshwaraay Namah |

After this the spouse should sit on the left side of the husband. Place a Santaan Prapti Yantra in one other metal plate. Provide vermilion, rice grains and flowers on it. Light a ghee lamp. Then chant three rounds of this Mantra with two Yellow Hakik rosaries.

| Om Purnendu Purneshwaraayei Yogaadhibalprakataayei Putra Pradaatavyei Namah |

The husband and wife shall have one yellow Hakeek rosary each. The wife shall chant the Mantra with the husband and thus complete six rounds shall be chanted. After Sadhana chant one round of Guru Mantra.

The following day drop all sadhana articles in a river or pond besides the yellow Hakeek rosaries. The husband and spouse should wear their respective rosary each day for one or two hours after which preserve it within the place of worship. They need to put on it thus for one month and then drop the rosaries in a river or pond.

Doubtless it is a very powerful Sadhana whose outcomes cannot fail to manifest offered it's tried with full religion and concentration.

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