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Aghoreshwer Videshan sadhna

It is an Aghoreshwer Videshan Mantra ritual, which is performed in the graveyard; this Tantric shakti to create division...

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Aghoreshwer Videshan sadhna ritual

It is an Aghoreshwer Videshan Mantra ritual, which is performed in the graveyard; this Tantric shakti to create division by the use of internal fights amongst enemies is just for the superior Tantric Practitioner. This is a Siddha ritual and doesn't want a prolonged Sadhna to achieve Mastery over it.

The Sadhak has to go to a graveyard on the night time of an Aamavasya [no or new moon night]. There he has to light a fire and cook several Urad Beans [Black Gram or lentils] in water, utilizing a small pot. Then when the Urad Beans are cooked, he has to allow them to dry. Then he has to take away them out of the pot and convey them back to his home.

Then at any time when he desires to set off of fierce several fights amongst his enemies, he has to take several of the Urad Beans in his hands and chant this Videshan Mantra as soon as to infuse the Urad Beans with the mantra. Then he has to throw the Urad Beans in the houses of his enemies. This sadhna needs to be carried out on a Sunday or a Tuesday.

Aghoreshwer Videshan sadhna mantra


ॐ आं ह्रीं क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं स्फ्रे स्फ्रे धां ठः

Sadhana place

graveyard, Lonely place, Out of house (office, form house, hill station)

Aghoreshwer Videshan sadhna samagri

Aghoreshwer Videshan yantra

Aghoreshwer Videshan mala

siddha panchamukhi rudraksha

Sidha parad gutika

siddha tantrokt nariyal

siddha black asan

siddha 3 red chirmi


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