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Lord hanuman Saber sadhana for severe weakness & Wellbeing

It is a Saber Lord hanuman sadhana for acute weakness. Lots of people attributable to illness and disease turn...

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Lord hanuman Saber sadhana

It is a Saber Lord hanuman sadhana for acute weakness. Lots of people attributable to illness and disease turn into debilitated and liable to fatigue; this is because of the severe weakness of their bodily condition. This sadhana is a examined, efficient and simple sadhana to provide perfect wellbeing, long life and success in life. The sadhana makes to get rid of all types of diseases from the life.

Lord hanuman Saber sadhana methods for severe weakness & Wellbeing

On this mantra change the word “amuk” with the name of whomever undergoing acute weakness and chant the mantra after which blow your breath over his or within the course of his body. Take some ‘Sindoor’ from the feet of Lord hanuman and apply it on the brow of the patient.

Do the chant 3 mala mantra instances for four Tuesday for getting the required outcome.

Lit the ‘Diya’ daily in front of Lord hanuman.

Lord hanuman Saber sadhana mantra for severe weakness & Wellbeing
"तू हैं वीर बड़ा हनुमान लाल लंगोटी मुख में पान भगावे वैर भगावे अमुक में शक्ति जगावे रहे इसकी काया दुर्बल तो माता अंजनी की आन दुहाई गौरा पार्वती की दुहाई राम की दुहाई सीता की ले इसके पिंड की खबर न रहे इसपे कोई असऱ "
"Tu hai veer bada Hanuman, Lal langooti mukh mein paan, bhaghavee veir bhaghavee, amuk mein shakti jagave, rahe iski kaya durbal, to mata anjani ki aan, duhai gaura parvati ki,duhai Raam ki, duhai sita ki, lee iske pind ki khabar ispe koi asar"

Lord hanuman Saber sadhana samagri for severe weakness & Wellbeing

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