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Kali Sadhana For Making Quarrel In House Of Enemies

This highly effective sabar Mata kali mantra is used to invoke quarrel in house of enemies. The mantra sadhana...

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Kali sabar Sadhana

Kali sabar Sadhana method

Begin from Tuesday.

Put on Black clothes whereas chanting the mantra.

Face west side throughout the endeavor.

Chant seven Rosary (mala) of mantra for five consecutive days.

Use Black Hakik Rosary (mala) for this purpose.

Use Name of Enemy at "Amuk" word.

Kali sabar Sadhana mantra

काली काली महाकाली दोनों हाथ बजावै ताली

"अमुक" शत्रु को बांधे

घर में लड़े मरे कटे महाकाली फट्॥

Kali Kali Mahakali Dono Haath Bajave Tali, 'Amuk' Shatru Ko Bandhe Ghar Me Lade Mare Kate Mahakali Phat

Kali sabar Sadhana samagri

Kali mala, kali yantra, kali asan, kali gutika, rakshasutra, holy threads and sadhana methods.

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