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Girija devi puja

Mata Girija Devi can be worshipped with varied names reminiscent of Mata Birija Devi, Mata Virija. The entire idol of...

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Girija devi puja for protections against diseases

Beneficial for Girija Devi Puja - Power to treat diseases, Remove all the sins of devotees.

About Puruhutika Devi.

Mata Girija Devi can be worshipped with varied names reminiscent of Mata Birija Devi, Mata Virija. The entire idol of Mata Girija Devi is embellished with flower garlands and gold jewelry. We will see solely the face of Mata Birija. The idol is embellished with silver crown filled with jewels. Mata Girija Devi blesses her devotees together with her nice smiling face and charming looks. As soon as a imp known as Gayasura was stealing the Yagnaphala (fruit of Yagna) of a number of Yagnas which was to be taken by Lord Indra. Lord Indra went to Trimurthis (Lord Shiva, lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma) and prayed them to slay Gayasura to guard the Yagna Dharma. Trimurthis demolished the devil Gayasura and thrown his physique elements in varied parts of India. His head was thrown in Gaya, navel half was thrown in Jazpur and his ft part was thrown in Pithapuram (Andhra Pradesh). Therefore Jazpur is called as Nabhi Gaya (nabhi means navel) and Pithapuram is known as as Pada Gaya (Pada means ft).Another Outstanding Temples (mandir) close to Jajpur Shakti Peetha: When the Earth was going to be destroyed by an amazing deluge, Lord Sri Maha Vishnu incarnated as Lord (bhagawan) Varahaswami and rescued the earth. Some extra vital temples (mandir) of Jajpur are - Lord (bhagawan) Jagannatha temple (mandir), Satyavrata Temple (mandir), Lord (bhagawan) Sri Rama Mandir, Lord (bhagawan) Sri Siddeshwara Temple (mandir), Lord (bhagawan) Sri Beleshwara Temple (mandir), Varuneshwara temple (mandir), and the Sapthamathrukla temples (mandir).

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