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Sita - Ram Puja

'Maryada Purushottam' Lord Shri Ram was the very best upholder of 'Dharma' in the Hindu Shashtra, as per the epic Ramayan. He upheld the duties of a son, brother, king, husband, father at the highest level in the face of nice adversities....

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Sita - Ram Puja

Beneficial for wealth, relationship.

'Maryada Purushottam' Lord Shri Ram was the very best upholder of 'Dharma' in the Hindu Shashtra, as per the epic Ramayan. He upheld the duties of a son, brother, king, husband, father at the highest level in the face of nice adversities.

Ram was the 'avatar' or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born because the eldest son of the good King Dashrath of Ayodhya. Ram was the king elect and had three brothers, Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrughan. All brothers cherished each other very a lot and held nice ideals.

King Dashrath had three wives, Sumitra, Kaushalya, and kakey. Once Queen Kakey had obliged king Dashrath in a mighty war. Out of his gratefulness to her, the king informed her that he would grant her one want regarding no matter she wanted. The queen was very comfortable but did not have any relevant wishes at that time. She requested Dashrath that she would remind him and ask him for a boon later when she really needs something. Dashrath agreed.

When it got here time for Ram to ascend the throne, Kakey asked for her want success promise. Dashrath agreed not figuring out what was brewing within the queen’s heart. Kakey requested that her son - Bharat - should ascend the throne and not the anointed Ram. Also that Ram ought to go reside within the jungle for 14 years and never step in Bharat’s way.

The king was heartbroken. He liked Ram dearly and knew this was an injustice to someone who was qualified in each technique to be an excellent king. At the similar time, he was sure by his promise to Kakey.

Ram readily gave up the throne to uphold his father’s words of promise. Together along with his spouse Sita and brother Lakshman, he left for the jungle. Dashrath died with humiliation, repentance and grief.

Bharat refused to ascend the throne figuring out very properly that this was injustice and greed on the part of his mother. Since Ram couldn't be deterred from finishing up his father’s promise to kakey, Bharat could not convince Ram to return to Ayodhya. As an alternative, he took Ram’s ‘Charan Paduka’ or slipper and saved them on the throne as a symbol of Ram. From apart the throne, he dominated Ayodhya as a secure keeper of his brother’s throne, till Ram returned.

Sita was the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. She was the daughter of king Janak of Mithila.

Once king Janak carried out a huge ‘yagna’ or prayer ceremony. The 'pandits' or monks requested him to until slightly land for the rituals. As Janak ploughed the sphere, he dug up a small container which contained a very stunning girl child. Janak adopted the kid as his daughter, brought her back to his palace and named her Sita. Upon rising up Sita married Shri Ram.

Lord Vishnu thus took the Ram avatar together with Goddess Lakshmi in the Sita avatar to deliver ‘Dharma’ again to the world. The world was under the torment of the extraordinarily intelligent but mighty tyrant ‘Rakshasa’ or demon king, Ravana of Lanka.

Ravana kidnapped Sita from the forest. A mighty warfare thus ensued between Ram and Ravana. Along with Hanuman (the avatar of Lord Shiva), Ram waged a struggle with Ravana and defeated him.

Good was finally victorious over evil and the earth’s agony was replaced with peace and happiness. Harmony, unity, and progress was once extra restored for stability and comfortable life to flourish again.

Sita - Ram Puja by DivyaYogaShop
Sita - Ram Puja particularly appropriate beneficial for wealth, relationship. This Sita - Ram Puja is carried out by expert Tantra based pundit as per the prescribed rituals by providing garments and meals, and many others and blessings are sought. After that it is customary to do poor feeding.

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