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Navdurga puja samagri for navratri

Navdurga mata 9 Goddess Durgas, represent, in accordance with Hindu mythology, the manifestation of...

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Navdurga Puja Samagri

Navdurga mata 9 Goddess Durgas, represent, in accordance with Hindu mythology, the manifestation of Durga in 9 totally different forms. These 9 types of manifestation are collectively worshiped throughout the Navratri (9 Divine Nights) celebration in Autumn every year.

1 Navdurga Yantra
1 Navdurga Photo
1 Navdurga Gutika
Deity (statue/photo), Chunari, Shringaar objects
large lamps (with wicks, oil/ghee),
Matchbox, Agarbatti
Kapoor, Gandha Powder, Kumkum, gopichandan, haldi
Sri Mudra (for Sandhyaavandan), Vessel for Tirtha, Yajnopavita , Roli, Moli(Kaleva)
Puja Conchshell, Bell, One aarati (for Karpoor), Aaratis with wicks
Flowers, Akshata (in a container), tulsi leaves
Embellished Copper or Silver or different Kalasha, items of red material (new),
Coconut, half of kg. Rice, Bananas 6, gold coin, gold chain
Additional Kalasha, three trays, three vessels for Abhisheka
Beetlenuts 6, Beetlenut Leaves 12, Banana Leaves 2, Mango Leaves 5-25
Dry Fruits, 5 bananas, 1 coconut - all for naivedya
Panchaamrita - Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Ganga Jal
Puja Book,containing Aarti, Stotra, Chalisa, Stuti etc.
Red flowers and red flower malas.
Additionally fruits and prasad so far as doable 21 varieties.

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