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Mahalakshmi puja samagri for Deepawali

Mahalakshmi, present are additionally shrines of Mata Marikamba and Manchala Nagappa, the snake bhagawan..

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Mahalakshmi Puja Samagri

Mahalakshmi, present are additionally shrines of Mata Marikamba and Manchala Nagappa, the snake bhagawan in Goravanahalli. Goravanahalli temple (mandir) is all surrounded by foliage and Theetha reservoir is near. Individuals after going to the mandir , go for stroll round Theetha reservoir. Theetha resevervoir is constructed for Suvarnamukhi waterway and additionally it is one of many sights of the place.

1 Mahalakshmi Yantra
1 Mahalakshmi Photo
1 Mahalakshmi Gutika
New Murti (Idols) of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi
Bahi-Khata (Account Books)
One red silk fabric for Goddess Lakshmi, One yellow material and Inkpot with pen
One red fabric for God's Aasan (seating)
Wood stool for conserving Murti(s)
5 massive earthen Deepak (lamp)
Small earthen Deepak (not less than 25)
One contemporary earthen Kalash (pitcher)
Flowers and a minimum of three garlands product of recent flowers
Bilva-leaves and Tulsi-leaves
Naivedhya e.g. sweets, fruits, sugarcane, Lava (parched rice)
Candy Paan (at the least three)
One pen manufactured from pomegranate or Bilva department
Duba (दूब) - Durva grass
Pancha Pallav(पञ्च पल्लव) - twigs of following 5 bushes
Sarvoshadhi (सर्वौषधि) - ten following herbs
Sapt-Mritika (सप्त-मृत्तिका)- mud collected from 7 locations

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