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 How to do Trataka - फ्री त्राटक करना कैसे सीखे? बिंदू त्राटक कैसे करे आईने के त्राटक से आश्चर्य जनक लाभकाले तिल से जाने सामने वाले का भविष्य

जाने संमोहन कैसे सीखे ५ भागो मे


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Bhairavi puja samagri

Bhairava is one other Avatar of Lord Shiva. Devotees of Kalbhairva Avatar of Lord Shiva observe quick and carry out Puja..

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Bhairav Puja Samagri

Bhairava is one other Avatar of Lord Shiva. Devotees of Kalbhairva Avatar of Lord Shiva observe quick and carry out Puja on this day. Kalbhairav Jayanti is widely known in throughout India. As India follows lunar calendar, some areas of India use Poornimant calendar and a few makes use of Amavasyant calendar. Poornimant is that lunar calendar which is taken into account from the complete Moon night time and ends at full Moon night. Alternatively, Amavasyant calendar is the one which begins from new Moon evening and ends at similar new Moon night.

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Bhairav asan
Clear the place where Kaal Bhairav puja will likely be performed.
Paste the bottom with the assistance if Gobar/Cowdung.
Seat on a clear Aasan.
Organize all puja samagri in a puja thali.
Sprinkle this holi water (Ganga jal) on all puja samagri to purify them.
Sit in Entrance of Kaal Bhairav idol.
Mild a deepak (Lamp) with Tel/Oil and the Agarbatti (Incense sticks).
Start the Kaal Bhairav puja by providing haldi (Turmeric) and flowers to Kaal Bhairav.
Provide flowers/Phool to the Kaal Bhairav.
Supply Loung (Cloves) to Kaal Bhairav.
Provide Sindoor (vermilion) to Kaal Bhairav.
Provide Tambulam (Betel Leafs) to Kaal Bhairav
Provide Supari (Betel Nuts) to Kaal Bhairav.
Supply Nariyal (coconut) to Kaal Bhairav.
Lastly, carry out Kaal Bhairav aarti with Karpoor (Camphor) and deepak.
On the finish distribute the prasad to all current members.
Now contact the toes of all of the elder members of family.

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