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Mahavidya puja samagri

  • Bagalamukhi puja samagri
    Baglamukhi is worshipped for energy, victory, safety for cuts, scars, operations and damages and supremacy..
    $24 ... $33
  • Bhairavi puja samagri
    Bhairava is one other Avatar of Lord Shiva. Devotees of Kalbhairva Avatar of Lord Shiva observe quick and carry out Puja..
    $25 ... $32
  • Bhuvaneshari puja samagri
    Mata Bhuvaneswari maintains the fourth place amongst all of the ten vital Dus Mahavidya's. She is an...
    $25 ... $32
  • Chhinnamasta (Chinnamastika) puja samagri
    Chinnamasta is the shakti or vitality of Indra or Lightning, vitality of transformation. Helps to free from...
    $26 ... $33
  • Dhoomavati puja samagri
    Mata Dhumavati is without doubt one of the ten Mahavidyas, she is respected because the seventh Mahavidya...
    $28 ... $35
  • Kali puja samagri
    Kali Chaudas is the second day of Diwali festival. Kali puja is carried out on this day. You want Kali Puja Samagri...
    $27 ... $35
  • Kamala puja samagri
    Mata Kamala is the tenth Mahavidya. Mata Kamala is the Mata of inside and outer prosperity; She is depicted ..
    $20 ... $27
  • Matangi puja samagri
    Maa Matangi maintains the ninth important place amongst all the ten Dus Mahavidya's. She is a fierce facet of Devi..
    $19 ... $26
  • Tripur sundari (shodashi) puja samagri
    Mata Ma Tripur sundari also called Shodasi or Sri Vidya maintains the third important place amongst all of the ten...
    $19 ... $25
  • Tara puja samagri
    Mata Tara Devi is the second of the ten Mahavidyas. Mata Tara is worshiped to beat troubles and transcend...
    $20 ... $26