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Learn practical kundalini Dhyan by "Acharya Shivanand Das ji"

जीवन मे जिसने भी अपने चक्रो को समझ लिया तो समझो सफलता की कुंजी उसके हाथ मे आ गई. इस शिविर मे इन चक्रो कोे चैतन्य करने की विधि पैक्टिकल रूप मे दीक्षा के साथ सिखाई जाती है. इस शिविर के द्वारा जहा आप अपनी आर्थिक समस्या तथा मानसिक समस्या मे लाभ प्राप्त कर सकते है, वही अध्यात्मिक क्षेत्र मे भी सफलता प्राप्त कर सकते है.

आचार्य श्री शिवानंद दास जी , जो कि पिछले ४० वर्षो से पूरे भारत मे अध्यात्मिक विषय पर यानी ध्यान- प्राणायाम-्कूंडलिनी- अस्ट्रोलोजी- पामेस्ट्री- न्युम्रोलोजी- प्राण विज्ञान- औरा रीडिंग- एस्ट्रल ट्रेवल्स- पैरा नोर्मल- हिप्नोटिझम तथा मंत्र साधना पर शिक्षा प्रदान कर रहे है.
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Durga anushthan

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The Durga Anushthan is organized for eradicating the rapid issues or troubles in life. The Anushtan includes of...
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Durga Spell

The Durga Anushthan is organized for eradicating the rapid issues or troubles in life. The Anushtan includes of highly effective mantras and stotras of Mata Durga. This Anushthan connects you with the upper feelings of Mata Durga. As soon as invoked, the Mata bless the sponsor or the thing of the traditional non secular ritual. Mata Durga protects her devotees from the evils of the world and on the identical time removes their miseries. This Durga Anushthan can also be organized for elimination of concern, black magic and evil-eye.

Mata Durga is the mata of the world and supposed to be the facility behind the work of formation, conservation, and destruction of the world. Durga is the one who eliminates the sufferings from one's life. Durga is the Final Shakti or Mahashakti, the final word energy inherent in all Formation. She is taken into account the supreme mata and first deity. She is Mata Lakshmi and Mata Saraswati in her delicate type; Mata Kali and Mata Chandi in her wrathful form.

This Durga curse include highly effective mantras that are secret, uncommon and siddh mantras. The upper feelings of those siddh mantras creates a defend of charisma across the sponsor of the curse and creates a protect of safety round his atmosphere.

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